Number 1 Promotional Product

What’s The Number 1 Promotional Product?

People often ask me what’s the Number 1 Promotional Product. I tell them every time that the most popular promotional item is by far promotional pens. In the field of promotional merchandise no single item sells more. Others come close but the promotional pen reigns supreme in this field. There are some obvious reasons why this is the case.

Promotional Pens are Inexpensive

That’s right! You would be hard pressed to find a more inexpensive product then the humble pen. Sure there are expensive pens out there but the price starts from around fifty cents which is far less than other popular options. So when it comes to keeping inside the confines of your budget there is no better way to do it.

There are heaps of choices

Practically no other promotional product gives you more choices than the pen. Not only do they come made from different materials like:

  • Paper
  • Bambo
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • PET
  • etc

They also come in different shapes and sizes. You have jumbo pens, miniature pens, pens with flags and all sorts of other feature. So they are not just a boring item. The pen is something that can really stand out when it needs to.

Easy for branding

That’s right! They are an easy item to brand with your logo. There are also different branding options like screen print, pad print, digital print and laser engrave. I especially like a nice laser engraved pen. They look elegant and the logo will last forever.

I am not biased!

You might thing that because I am writing this blog post for Ezy Promo Pens that I am so how biased. Well I am not. EPP is part of a larger promotional supply company which offers a large range of promotional products. It is called Brand Republic. Brand Republic specialises in custom promotional products which are supplied to a large range of companies and organisations. So when I say that promotional pens are the number 1 promotional product I know what I am talking about.


Number 1 Promotional Product