Promotional Pens

The Promotional Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

You may have heard the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well I say that the promotional pen is mightier then the sword. I mean what to they mean when they say that. I think what they mean is that information and the dissemination of said information carries more strength than simply using brute strength. I am sure that there would be some people that would dispute that notion but then on the other hand there are those that would steadfast agree. Even today if one see the state of affairs in the world one would have to acknowledge that information and disinformation can have a much more profound effect than the use of force. The same can be said in marketing when sometime companies use the brute force of money to try to achieve their objectives. Often it is those that use intelligence to promote their goods and services that get the best results.

What does it mean to use intelligent marketing. I would say that it means getting the best result for the least amount of money possible. That is why gorilla marketing is used so often. The problem is that it is not always easy to find a gorilla and when you do it can be dangerous. I prefer to cut to the chase and find the product best positioned to promote my business. That product is promotional pens. With promotional pens or promo pens, you get a chance to expand your brand whilst not incurring too many costs. Promotional pens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Although most are the shape and size of a normal pen, like a BIC pen or a Parker Pen. Others are different shapes. The Crystal Pen from BIC is hexagonal in shape which means it won’t roll off the table when you are writing. This is a very handy thing to have as my promotional pens are always rolling off the table. It is really annoying.