The Difference Between a Parker Pen and Bic Pen Campaign

We all know that promotional pens are a great option when assembling promotional products for a marketing campaign. Two of the most popular branded promotional pens are Parker Pens and Bic Pens. Both have very long histories in the pens market and both were pioneers from the early day. But the Parker Pen and Bic Pen are very different pens when dealing with a marketing campaign. Whilst they are both great pens as a promotional gift, the type of campaign you are trying to run will ultimately determine which pen you chose.

Parker Pens have been around for a very long time and have always been viewed as a premium pen. They are the type of pen you give you kid when they graduate from university or to a special friend as a gift. They have also always been a mainstay of the corporate gift industry. Parker Pens come available for different budgets. You can find a Parker Pen from anywhere from $20.00 to a couple of hundred dollars. They are also available in exquisite packaging to enhance the gift giving experience.

Bic pens on the other hand are a more mass market pen. While they are cheaper then Parker Pens, Bic pens are still considered a premium pen. They have a long history in both the consumer pen market and the promotional pen market. Bic pens have been a mainstay of the promotional pen market for many years now. They also have a variety of pens that come with different price points but they are nowhere near the mark you find with Parker Pens.

Considering the price difference it is safe to assume that they would be used for different types of promotional campaigns.