BIC To Stop Selling Promotional Pens in Australia

The company BIC has been synonymous with pens in Australia for a long time. Everybody knows the name BIC and has had one of their pens. I would save that every single Australian has used a BIC pen at one point in their life. They are just all over the place is what I want to say. If you step into any government office, school and any other kind of institution you will find a heap of their pens floating around. They have been a mainstay of the pen industry in this country for a very long time and chances are they will continue to be so. Their retail presence in Australia is still strong. Unfortunately that does not extend to their promotional pens business.

It has sadly been announces that BIC with close their promotional products business in Australia. this include both their pens business, stationery and technology products. In the recent past they had expanded their business to include more than just pens. Their range included everything from compendium, flash drives, power banks and all sorts of promotional stationery products. They truly had a great range of products which we enjoyed selling. The world of promotional pens will never be the same without BIC pens to sell. The range was great, they had a good printing service, it is really a mystery why they would wind up their promotional pens business in Australia.

Although it is sometimes hard to understand why some business close or pull out of Australia one should consider a few factors. Firstly our market is relatively small compared to other countries. As well as being small we are also ultra-competitive. If you think about it there are heaps of companies servicing every segment of our market. This is especially true about promotional products. There are lots of pen suppliers that would have made it difficult for BIC to compete. Also they were competing in other segments like flash drive and power banks which would have been hard to compete against companies such as Yatama who are the leading supplier in such products in Australia.

So whilst we will more BIC’s departure from the promotional products and promotional pens industry, we do so knowing that someone else will take their place and the show will go on.

History Of Pens

Have you every wonder how the pen was invented. Although we now take pens for granted people were forced to live for centuries without pens. Life was a lot harder when you couldn’t just reach for a pen whenever you needed to jot something down or make notes. The history of pens is a very important one to human kind. It is a story that we will explore. More importantly we will explain the history of the ball point pen which is the pen most in use today.

The ball point pen as we know it today was invented by László Bíró. Laszlo was a Hungarian newspaper editor who was born in Budapest Hungary to jewish parents in 1899. He had grow frustrated by the amount of time that he wasted filling his fountain pens. Moreover cleaning up the smudged pages become a unsatisfying choir. Having noticed that inks used in newspaper printing dried quickly he decided to create a pen using that kind of ink. Bíró, with the help of his brother György, developed a new ink formula which he used in ballpoint pens he had designed. Bíró’s innovative design is why to this day we still refer to ball point pens as biros.

Many years later some smart fella decided that you could take such a great invention and utilise it as a promotional product. By simple printing a company logo you could hand it out to prospective customer and as such expand the reach of the brand. With the advent of plastic pens it became even cheaper to give out printed pens. These days people are just as likely to give out a cheap plastic pen as they are a more expensive metal pens.

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