The fountain pen

Promotional Pen in Hand is Better Then Two in Pocket

A wise man once said, “a promotional pen in the hand is better than two in the pocket”. I have often thought about this saying and I must say that I completely agree. When you need a pen, when you really, really need a pen, it is always better to have it in your hand ready to go than in your bag, backpack, car or anywhere else on the planet that you can think. There are many reasons for this. There are many reason why it is better to have a promotional pen in you hand when you most need it. The main reason is that you don’t have to waste time looking round to find one. You simply have to look at your hand and there it is. So much easier than the alternative of rummaging around trying to find one.

Apart from the convenience of not having to look for it, having a promotional pen in the hand has other advantages. For one thing, if it is a promotional pen then it means you didn’t have to pay for it. It means that somebody else gave it to you, probably as a promotional gift. The great thing about getting a pen as a promotional product is that it is more useful than almost any other promotional product out there. Sure that could have given you a mug or a cap but can you sign you name with either? I don’t think so. So a cap can protect you from the sun and you can drink a fresh batch of coffee with your mug but can you write a novel with either. Again the answer is a resounding no! So as you can see getting a pen as a gift is truly a gift above all others.

There was a time when the only promotional gift you could count on was a chocolate or something small. These days companies are being more and more creative with their corporate gifts. One of the things that they are realising is that it take a lot more to impress the gift receiver. These days people almost expect to get something in return for their patronage. Sadly it is not enough to simply say “thanks you” or if you really appreciate your customers,  “I love you”. Although the later expression might be going a smidgen too far surely it is something your customers deserve to hear from time to time. If you are too shy then giving them a promotional pen with definitely send that very message.

I would say it is time to wrap up this little rant of mine. You might not understand why I am so in awe of the humble pen but consider history. Were it not for the pen how would they have signed the Declaration of Independence? If it were no for the pen how would have Shakespeare written all his books? If it were not for the pen (or pencil) how would have Picasso sketched all those drawing? They could not have done any of it and more. I am sure that anyone of these individuals would have welcomes a promotional pen or printed pen.