Plastic Pens

Plastic Promotional Pens

While promotional pens are a great way to get your business name out to your customer base, it can often be difficult to find pens that suit your business, as well as being budget friendly. When you are looking at ordering a large number of branded pens, you need to ensure the pens are well made, of good quality and won’t blow your budget.

Our plastic promotional pens are all that and more. We’ve got a large range of promotional pens to suit any business, whether you’re in the corporate world or run a building site.

Some of our most popular plastic branded pens include the Aero, the Berlino, the Dalmor and the Reef pens. These pens are stylish, and at first glance you would not be able to tell that these pens were traditional plastic pens.

If your business is looking for a bright and bold pen to help you stand out from the rest, take a look at the Blast, the Dart, the Flav Metallic, the Glitz and the Neon pens. Combined with your branding or marketing message, these pens are a great way to help promote your business.

Our plastic promotional pens are extremely budget friendly. If you only have a small budget, take a look at the Arc, the Base, the Cosmo, the Frost, the Grip and the Lipstick pen. While at the lower end of the cost scale, you don’t lose any functionality, style or quality with these pens.

If you have a bit more in the budget, but can’t stretch to our premium pen range, you might find the Curved, the Electro, the Flav, the Flow, the Metallic Curved, the Lyra, and the Metallic VIP suitable for your business.

There’s no doubt that branded pens are used by businesses around the world as a great promotional tool; it’s time to jump on board with a great promotional pen to help market your business.