Plastic Pens vs. Metal Pens For Your Next Promotion

When thinking about branding options, most companies turned to online ads, TV commercial, magazines, flyers or billboards. But believe it or not, people get tired of seeing ads that are popping out everywhere. That’s when promotion pens are great. Consider Plastic Pens vs Metal Pens when choosing one.

People love promotional products and not everyone is giving away pens. Promotional pens are very useful, handy and a powerful marketing tool that everyone can use in their everyday paperwork needs.

Plastic Pens vs Metal Pens

On the other hand, even buying the right promotional pens can be a bit challenging. One of the main challenges you’ll face is whether to get plastic pens or metal pens. Both of these pens are readily available and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s discuss the different factors to help you decide which promotional pen is right for your business.

Plastic and Metal Pens on a Budget

When it comes to choosing between a metal and plastic pen, most people easily jump to budget.

If you plan to hand over branded pens to a massive audience like job fairs, big events or campuses, buying in bulk is the best option. That said, plastic pens are your best bet.

But if your goal is to build relationship or impress a new client, metal pens are the way to go. Generally, metal is more expensive than plastic because it offers better durability.

For stylish branded metal pens that are budget friendly, the Berlin, the Berlino Metal Gold, the Glide and the Neptune pens are great options. On one hand, the most popular plastic branded pens include the Aero, the Berlino, the Dalmor and the Reef pens.

Target Market

Another way that affects your decisions is by looking at your target market. Think carefully where you’ll be using your promotional pens.

If your customers are looking for the very best and high quality items, chrome ballpoint pens are a smart choice. For customers that expect for good quality and rock bottom pricing, you can offer them the plastic stick pens. For a broad audience, you can’t go wrong with plastic cirrus pens to get your name noticed.

Regardless of your industry, you can always choose between metal or plastic pens based upon your target audience.

What Works With Your Brand?

Both metal and plastic pens have varying imprint features. Thus, choosing the one that works best with your brand is crucial to ensure a successful production. Is you logo vertical, horizontal or round? You can also buy pens with the colour that suits your brand theme.

Keep these things in mind to help you determine the right pens for the design you’re envisioning.

Final Thoughts

So, should you go for metal pen or for plastic pen? This is easier to answer if you know what questions to ask and always remember the important factors that are previously mentioned.

Whatever type of promotional pens you choose, luxury, penny-pincher or mass appeal, if it has your name on it, you win. For instance, if the price is your main concern, plastic pens are the best choice. If quality is the deciding factor, metal pens are definitely the way to go.

Plastic Pens vs Metal Pens