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Parker Pens The Premium Promotional Pens

Some people think that the Parker Pens have something to do with the famous jazz musician Charles Parker, but it doesn’t. They may be both famous, and they may both be at the top of their field, but that is as far as the association goes. Did Charles Parker even use a Parker Pen, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised. In the world of pens, and promotional pens is no different, Parker Pens reign supreme. Not like a Supreme Pizza or the 1960’s band “The Supremes”, but more like a pen that really works well and is recognised the world over. Parker Pens are famous not just in the west, but in the east, the south and the north. They are famous the world over. If you even mentioned ‘premium pens’ to anyone to meet you know the name you would hear.

I remember when I was younger and I would meet some milestone, such as graduating from high school, or having a birthday, or anything of any importance, invariably there would be someone who would give me a Parker Pen. Even a few years back I got one as a christmas present from a co-worker. They are a great pen so why wouldn’t anybody want one. Indeed companies has cottoned on to this and give them away a promotional pens or corporate gifts. Why wouldn’t they. They have been giving corporate gifts for decades now and they know when they have one that really resonates with the public.

Corporate gifts have indeed been around for a long time now. Companies give them as they know that giving your customers is the right thing to do. One of the most popular corporate gifts is promotional pens. They are the most popular because they are the most practical. Sure we live in a digital age now, and I am sure that at some point people with forget to write. They will just ask Siri to do everything for them. Jot down points, take note etc. Seriously though I reckon people will be using pens for some time to come. I mean at some point you have to write something down. Without a pen most people would feel almost naked.

Promotional pens are the best way to express appreciate to your customers. Premium pens are the best way to express real appreciation. The Parker Pen is at the pinnacle or premium pens so it is no surprise that it is such an oft given gift. If you get one from anyone you can be sure that they really like you or have a lot of respect towards you.