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Ezypens is a leading supplier of promotional pens. Check out our regular news updates to see the latest pens and promotion products. As a innovative supplier we are constantly adding new products and services to improve our range.


Get Some Promotional Pens

Get Some Promotional Pens

Get Some Promotional Pens From The #1 Supplier In Australia With the country opening up for business finally it is a great time to start thinking about your next promotion. Whilst it feels good to splurge sometime it is often better to find a way to stretch your budget. To that end pens are a great option. So get some promotional pens for your next promotion and watch your dollar go further. Still The Number One Promotional Product Lots of products have come and gone in years past but none has endure like the humble pen. Indeed promotional pens are… Read More

Promotional Pens

Kickstart 2022 With Custom Promotional Pens

Happy New Year With Promotional Pens There is nothing like starting a new year after a difficult twelve months. You could say with almost absolute certainty that the last year was one of the more difficult on record which is why the prospect of a better year is so enticing. What better way to kickstart the year for your organisation or business than with a promotion. It is a great time to look at how promotional pens can help you achieve just that. Spoilt For Choice With Pens When it comes to promotional pens you are really spoilt for choice.… Read More

Number 1 Promotional Product

What's The Number 1 Promotional Product?

People often ask me what's the Number 1 Promotional Product. I tell them every time that the most popular promotional item is by far promotional pens. In the field of promotional merchandise no single item sells more. Others come close but the promotional pen reigns supreme in this field. There are some obvious reasons why this is the case. Promotional Pens are Inexpensive That's right! You would be hard pressed to find a more inexpensive product then the humble pen. Sure there are expensive pens out there but the price starts from around fifty cents which is far less than… Read More


Plastic Pens vs. Metal Pens For Your Next Promotion

When thinking about branding options, most companies turned to online ads, TV commercial, magazines, flyers or billboards. But believe it or not, people get tired of seeing ads that are popping out everywhere. That's when promotion pens are great. Consider Plastic Pens vs Metal Pens when choosing one. People love promotional products and not everyone is giving away pens. Promotional pens are very useful, handy and a powerful marketing tool that everyone can use in their everyday paperwork needs. Plastic Pens vs Metal Pens On the other hand, even buying the right promotional pens can be a bit challenging. One of… Read More

BIC Digital Clic Stic Grip Pen

Bic Pens for Promotions

As one of our most versatile promotional products, the popular BIC pens have always been a top choice for any hard-working company in need of promotional leg-ups, and they have been always one of our most sought products on the market. The Custom Bic Pens is the way to go, when your company seeks high-quality pens for any office work, printed with your company’s logo. The BIC pens are customizable and we offer the unique option to print your company’s logo, as the ultimate promotional pens. We have only the best and up-to-date printing technology at our disposal to ensure… Read More

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