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New York Pen

Pizzaz Pen Renamed New York Pen

Our promotional pen formally known as the Pizzaz Pen has been renamed the New York Pen. The name change has come about because of a change of factories for this pen. The promo pens is essentially the same pen but we felt it was time for a change. The new name is in keeping with the status of the pen as a premium plastic promotional pen. Although we have a lot of popular custom printed pen the New York Pen has always been sort after in promotional products circles due to it curved shape and elegant style. The New York… Read More

BIC Brite Liner Grip XL Pen

BIC Pens Still Tops Promo

As one of our most versatile promotional products, the popular BIC pens have always been a top choice for any hard-working company in need of promotional leg-ups, and they have been always one of our most sought products on the market. The Custom Bic Pens is the way to go, when your company seeks high-quality pens for any office work, printed with your company’s logo. The BIC pens are customizable and we offer the unique option to print your company’s logo, as the ultimate promotional pens. We have only the best and up-to-date printing technology at our disposal to ensure… Read More


The Difference Between a Parker Pen and Bic Pen Campaign

We all know that promotional pens are a great option when assembling promotional products for a marketing campaign. Two of the most popular branded promotional pens are Parker Pens and Bic Pens. Both have very long histories in the pens market and both were pioneers from the early day. But the Parker Pen and Bic Pen are very different pens when dealing with a marketing campaign. Whilst they are both great pens as a promotional gift, the type of campaign you are trying to run will ultimately determine which pen you chose. Parker Pens have been around for a very… Read More

waterman pens are premium promotional pens

Premium Pens for Premium Promotions

There is always a need to re-evaluate ones marketing budget. In this cut throat world of business, keeping costs down is any companies essential tool from survival. But does that mean that you have to always go for the cheapest option when running a marketing or promotional campaign. Certainly not. They most important thing to consider when running a successful marketing campaign is: How to maximise effectiveness Tailor campaign to customers demographic etc Cost effective expenditure Chance of success of marketing tools To achieve the above one needs to take a more scientific approach when determining which product to choose… Read More

BIC ballpoint pens

Why buy BIC pens for your promotion?

One of the most popular form of promotional products is still the humble pen. Even though we have entered the digital age people still need a pen to perform their daily tasks both at home and at work. Company give away promotional pens because they know that they will stay in use for a long time and give their brand some very good exposure. When choosing a pen it is important to find one that will last which is why we always recommend a BIC pen for your promotion. While some promotional pens are more affordable than BIC pens they… Read More

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