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How to Get the Best Printed Promo Pens for Your Brand?

Marketing is all about being creative and using interesting techniques. You want to stand apart from the crowd and draw your target audience in. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done in today’s competitive world. At Ezy Promo Pens, we recommend you use unconventional and lesser-known marketing techniques to draw attention. Once such lesser-known marketing technique involves promotional items like printed promo pens. These items are affordable, easy to use in marketing campaigns, and effective. Here’s some advice on how to get the best promo pens for your campaign.

  1. Determine Who Your Target Audiences Are 

The first step is to determine who your target audiences are and what they expect from your company. When you offer promotional products to your customers and business associates, you need to be certain they will find it useful and appealing. While pens are used by almost everyone and most people like them, you should still look into your target audience because you want to give them the right kind of pen.

  1. Look at the Kind of Pens Available in the Market 

Printed promo pens come in different sizes, colours, and designs. They’re also made from different materials and vary in quality. You should consider all design and material options available to you carefully before you make your purchase. The design should be appealing to your target audience and still fit into your budget. Here are some of the options available to you:

As you can see, there are a number of options available to you. If you know what your target audiences like and prefer, you can choose the right printed promo pens for your campaign. For example, if your target audiences want to support the environment, they will appreciate eco-friendly pens made from bamboo.

  1. Set Your Budget 

Once you’ve explored your options and understand what your audiences will like, you need to set a budget. You can get discounts for bulk purchases so you will save some money if you buy more products. These pens are very affordable, especially ordinary plastic and metal pens. However, it’s still a good idea to place a maximum cap on your marketing expense because you only need so many pens for your campaign.

  1. Plan the Print Carefully 

People purchase printed promo pens because they want to showcase their brand on the promotional item and increase visibility. However, pens don’t provide a completely flat surface so you need to make sure you choose what you want to print carefully. You need to consider if the logo or company name would look good on the curved surface of the pen before you place your order.

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