Different Types of Printed Promo Pens

Printed promo pens are a great way to spread awareness about a brand and gain attention from prospective customers. At Ezy Promo Pens, we have seen several customers gain increased recognition and more brand visibility from well-planned printed promo pens campaigns. It’s important to choose the right pen for the purpose because the wrong one can have a negative impact on your campaign and also be a waste of money. Here’s a brief introduction to our printed promotional pens:

  1. Plastic pens

These are the most affordable pen options available in the store. They perform well and write smoothly, but they don’t have the “wow” factor that can impress big clients and important business associates. These plastic pens are ideal for large-scale distribution at conferences and events. They can be customized and are very affordable, which means they have a good ROI.

  1. Metal pens

Metal pens are slightly more expensive and have a much better design. They feel heavy and luxurious in the hand, and they write very well. That’s one of the reasons why these printed promo pens are perfect for more important groups of people like clients, employees, and business associates.

  1. Luxury pens

These pens are from well-known and established brands BIC, Parker, and Waterman. They don’t just write well, but look attractive. The luxury brand pens are more impressive and special, which makes them a good choice for special clients and important business associates. These pens provide better long-term ROI because people are hesitant to throw away branded pens.

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