BIC Two-Sider Corporate Pen

Business Pens and Conference Pens During Corona

It is safe to say that 2020 have been somewhat of a difficult year. What started off as a year of confidence and hope for the new decade quickly took a turn for the worst when first the bush fires hit and then the dreaded Wuhan corona virus. The virus, as we know, has cause huge disruptions for businesses and has devastated the conference and exhibitions industries. In fact practically no conferences have taken place since March as most people have been using Zoom to communicate. This in effect have effected the promotional products industry as conferences and exhibitions are a large component of sales include conference pens and business pens.

Whilst the need for business pens and conference pens may have fallen, the demand overall for promotional pens has not. The sales of promotional products has definitely fallen in tandem with GDP. Companies have been scaling back not just for budget reasons but because there are actually less people going to work in the office which has meant less human interaction. That said there are still a lot of companies which are running marketing campaigns and promotional pens remain a staple promotional product. In fact promotional pens have alway been the best selling item in the promotional products market. Promotional pens consistent rank number one ahead of apparel.

Although the pandemic still persists there is hope that things will slowly start to get back to normal. We humans are generally a positive bunch and going back to normal is at the top of our agenda. When thing do start to improve businesses will be eager to start marketing their goods and services. Promotional pens will form and important part of that endeavour.