Parker Pens are a premium gift pen

A Good Promotional Pen Doesn’t Need to be Cheap

Australia is currently going through the sharpest economic recession in living memory. The Wuhan corona virus has had a profound impact on the global economy and Australia has not escaped unscathed. The constant shut downs and travel restrictions have impacted consumer spending which in turn has impacted the business environment. That in turn has effected business investment as they try to adjust to a new economic environment. The effect that all of this would have on marketing budgets is clear. By extension this would include spending on promotional pens.

As we know promotional pens are an integral component to any serious marketing campaign. Despite the digitisation of the economy people still use pens in their daily lives. I know when my pens goes missing it can cause considerable stress. So this in mind the importance of pens in our society is clear. Their place in marketing as a promotional product is also clear. With strained budgets companies might be tempted to go for cheaper pens. This is not always the best approach.

If you are looking for a good promotional pen you shouldn’t necessary settle for a cheap pen. Indeed when considering  what constitutes a good promotional pen the price should not be the only consideration. Whilst it is true that we only stock and sell good quality pens even when they are cheap, there are different degrees of quality. Obviously the more expensive the pen the better the quality. That is why you can still consider a premium pen when you are looking for the ideal promotional pen.

Why chose a premium pen?

Even though you may be constrained by budget pens really aren’t that expensive even when they are premium. Sure you have pens like Parkers Pens. Parker Pens are renown all around the world for quality and prestige. That is then reflexed in there price. Parker Pens can range in price from twenty dollars to hundreds of dollar. So whilst they might be suitable for smaller product runs they might not be suitable where you are targeting thousands of customers.

So whilst a Parker Pen might not be suitable for larger runs you still have the options of a metal promotional pen. Metal pens might look expensive but they are not really. You can easily get a metal promotional pen for a buck and a half. That is not that much considering how great they look. They may not be a Parker Pen but they are not much different. Indeed anyone that gets one of these beauties will surely think it is worth more than you paid for it.

So in conclusion pens are a great promotional gift. You have cheap ones and more expensive ones. You have plastic pens and metal pens. You even have expensive premium pens. When you are choosing the ideal promotional pen for you next marketing campaign think outside the square and make the right choice for you and your company.