Promotional Pen

7 Things About Promotional Pens You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

Some people think they know everything there is to know about promotional pens. Those very same people maybe think they also know everything about marketing as well. Now it could very well be the case that they do know everything there is not know about both topics. I mean they are experts in every field out there. Is it possible to know everything might be a bit far fetched but there is no harm in trying. I would say that when it comes to promotional pens there are things that you could always learn that you didn’t know already.

  1. Number one promotional product. Did you know that pens are the number one promotional product out there? Yes it is true. Out of all the promotional products in the market there are the best seller by far. That is a well known fact.
  2. They are great for branding. That’s right they are a spectacularly easy product to brand. As they have a nice print area it is easy to brand either using screen print, pad print, digital print or even laser engraving options.
  3. Pens to suit any budget. Whilst you might think of pens as a flimsy little plastic product you would be right only some of the time. They come in different price points to suit any budget. Every thing from something that costs a few cents to hundreds of dollars. They are called a premium promotional pen.
  4. Not all of them are made in China. True that! Not all pens are made in China. In fact lots of promotional pens come from Europe. Even Germany is a large supplier of quality promotional pens as too is Italy. So if you are looking at diversifying your supply chain you know you can do it with this product.
  5. Both metal and plastic. Not all promo pens are plastic depending on your budget you can also chose metal pens. They are sturdy and give you the option of laser engraving your logo. What could be better?
  6. Why not? Indeed! Why wouldn’t you integrate promo pens into your promotional campaign. It would be a bit silly considering all the benefits.
  7. All the greatest people use pens. So true!. Pens have been part of our society for a long time now. Anything you see someone sign an autograph or a peace treaty what are they using? Pens of course.

So whilst I could go on and on about the subject it is clear by the seven points above that there are good reasons to keep pens and particularly promotional pens at the forefront of your mind.