3 Kinds Of Promotional Pens To Fit Your Budget

Promotional products have been known as one of the cost-effective marketing tactics for many years. From a startup to a large corporation, they recognize the importance of promotional products in reaching out more people and generating sales. The gift items with creative packaging and prints drive customers’ interest and keep them engaged with the brand.

The best promotional giveaways are all about practical functionality. These are items that people find valuable and can be used often. Smart marketers utilize promotional pens because it is budget-friendly and a very effective item to market a brand.

Promotional pens can be customised with your logo. So anytime the recipient needs a pen, they will remember you, thus enables your brand gain valuable advertising exposure over and over again.

What are the different kinds of promotional pens?

Finding the right promotional pens for your brand shouldn’t be too complicated. The key is finding the ones that will please your target audience and set your pocket at ease. Here are the top three options you can consider;

Premium Pens

High quality doesn’t have to be very expensive. With premium pens, you can truly impress your target audience without breaking the bank. Premium pens that exude class are bound to leave a positive impression and a generous way to reward your loyal customers. Hence, they make an ideal premium giveaway that could last a lifetime.

BIC, Waterman and Parker Pens are some of the trusted premium pen brands. These brands have been known to make different types of high quality and aesthetically pleasing pens for many years. Choosing these premium pens can help you feel confident.

Plastic Pens

If you’re looking for lightweight, handy and inexpensive pens for mass produce, promotional plastic pens are the perfect choice. Plastic pens are very common and they are particularly use by students, office staff, homemaker and journalist.

While plastic pens are affordable, this doesn’t mean they’re poor quality. There are well-known plastic branded pens like Aero, the Berlino, the Dalmor and the Reef pens. You can grab bright and bold styles like Blast, Dart, Flav Metallic, Glitz and Neon pens.

On the other hand, Arc, Base, Cosmo, Frost, Grip and the Lipstick pens are ideal if you have a limited budget. Alternatively, you might consider the Curved, Electro, Flav, Flow, Metallic Curved, Lyra, and Metallic VIP pens if you are looking for premium plastic choices.

Metal Pens

When durability is your main concern, metal pens often make more sense. Promotional metal pens are malleable, stronger and prestige. No wonder why it continues to hold its spot in the marketing industry despite the popularity of versatile plastics.

As far as affordable and stylish promotion metal pens go, the Berlin, Berlino Metal Gold, the Glide and Neptune pens are some of the best options out there. Whereas, Aura, Burnett, Duo, Explorer, Mercury and Pigeon pens are the top picks if you have a little more budget.

The options for your branded, personalised promotional pens are endless. To choose the right one for your business, consider the one that works best with your brand message. Keep the above information in mind and compare. Finally, if you think you’re ready to give it a go, be sure your marketing tone is consistent, personal and interesting.


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