For Promo Pens Online Consider BIC Pens

The internet is a great think. Who ever thought growing up that such a thing would or even could exist. Growing up in the 80’s we really didn’t have much technology. I mean I remember when we changed from a black and white TV to a colour one. Our first computer, and I mean our because we only got one and had to share, was a 16K Tandy. My other friends were lucky and they got a Commodore 64 which was cutting edge at the time. The only idea of an internet was fantasy born out of watching movies such as War Games. Even in the 90s when the internet came out it was of no real use. It used to take ages just to download one web page. We just thought it was great because we didn’t know any better.

Then came the 2000’s and the internet took off and with it ecommerce. Now you could buy more and more things online. It wasn’t yet great but it was getting better. It was during these years that Amazon was born. Then eventually everything went online. Today you can get anything and if you are in the market for branded pens you can even get promo pens online. All you need to do is open your browser and type in the search “promo pens online” and up will pop a whole list of different supplier of promotional pens. You never have to visit a store or anything like that. All you need to do is send your logo, they will send back a mockup. You will need to approved then mockup and then 1-2 weeks later your promo pens will arrive ready for you to distribute to whoever and whenever you want.

One of the draw backs, if there is any, is that there is such a huge choice of promo pens online. So how to you cut through the noise and get to where you want to be when it comes to printed pens. The easiest and best thing to do it go straight to BIC pens, or at least start of there. If you are a novice in ordering promotional pens online then going straight to BIC pens is such an easy option. It is an easy option precisely because they give you so many options. BIC is great because they have hundreds of style to choose from and they cater to every budget. Whatever kind of pen you want you are sure to find all under the one roof. Best of all you can custom print them as you please.

That is not to say that BIC pens are the only option you have. Indeed there are thousands of pen options available especially if you find a good supplier such as Ezy Promo Pens (EPP). EPP are synonymous with promotional pens and take issues like quality and printing seriously. That said if you were to ask the people at EPP what they recommend in a promo pen, fifty percent of the time they will say going with a BIC pen is a great idea.


Promo Pens Can Be Premium Parker Pens

Some times when people think about promotional products they think what cheap and easy product can they add to their marketing campaign that won’t break the budget. After brain storming they inevitably come up with all the predictable products and often wise that will include a pen. It is almost common thought in some circles that the promotional pen needs to be a cheap and disposable product. That belief is a fallacy as the promotional pen should always be looked upon as an enduring corporate gift which will make its mark in any promotional campaign.

That promo pens need to be cheap is also wrong. The pen should reflect the campaign in which it is being incorporated. Business pens are a versatile product which are easily adaptable to the environment in which it is being trust. No marketing campaign should be considered “cheap” as they are all valuable methods of promoting a brand or the products and services which it represents. An inexpensive pen might be used when lots of pens are required. Then again if the campaign is limited and doesn’t require a lot of product then a premium pen might be more better suited.

One of the most recognised premium pens in the word is Parker Pens. Parker Pens have long been synonymous with quality and style. When you give someone a pen for their graduation you don’t give them an ordinary plastic pen, you give them a Parker Pen. The same can be said about any event when you want to impress the recipient. Imagine going to a corporate event and being given a Parker  Pen. Image how proud and special it would make you feel. Then image how you would feel about the company or organisation that gave you the pen. That feeling is why giving a valued customer or stakeholder a Parker Pen is a great idea. It is worth while in the extreme.

That said there are other recognised premium pens such as;

They too carry a lot of gravitas in the world of gift giving and corporate gift. The value of a campaign is directly linked to what value can be extracted. In other words you need to spend money to make money and giving a premium pen such as a Parker Pen is money well spent.

Mind Share And The Power of Promotional Pens

Mind share relates generally to the development of consumer awareness or popularity, and is one of the main objectives of advertising and promotion. When consumers think of a product type, they usually think of a limited number of brand names. Marketing departments that understand the power of mind share try to maximise the popularity of their product, so that the brand become the thing that people think about when they think about a particular object. Think about how people used to refer to vacuuming as hoovering because the Hoover brand of vacuuming cleaners was synonymous with said tack. The same as people who say they will plasterboard part of their house instead of drywall it.

To achieve such a level of mind share a company needs to have intensive marketing campaigns which embed the name of their product into the minds of not just the consumer but the general public as well. Such a result requires multi level marketing campaign. One of the most important marketing campaigns that a person can undertake is a promotional marketing campaign including an array of promotional products. One of the best promotional products for such a campaign is promotional pens. Indeed promotional pens are a very versatile product and are extensively used in marketing campaigns where people want to achieve an optimal level of mind sharing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of promotional pens one uses. All that needs to be acknowledged is that promotional pens are the best product for achieving this objective. Think about how often a pen gets shared around. The simple pen is amongst the most mobile products on Earth. The humble pen makes it way around the home, the office and often the world. And where ever the pens goes it makes an impact. Image what benefit it can have in cementing a brand in a persons mind if it is also branded. So where it is a plastic pen or a metal pen, promotional pens are the greatest mind sharing instrument that exists.