The Promotional Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

You may have heard the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well I say that the promotional pen is mightier then the sword. I mean what to they mean when they say that. I think what they mean is that information and the dissemination of said information carries more strength than simply using brute strength. I am sure that there would be some people that would dispute that notion but then on the other hand there are those that would steadfast agree. Even today if one see the state of affairs in the world one would have to acknowledge that information and disinformation can have a much more profound effect than the use of force. The same can be said in marketing when sometime companies use the brute force of money to try to achieve their objectives. Often it is those that use intelligence to promote their goods and services that get the best results.

What does it mean to use intelligent marketing. I would say that it means getting the best result for the least amount of money possible. That is why gorilla marketing is used so often. The problem is that it is not always easy to find a gorilla and when you do it can be dangerous. I prefer to cut to the chase and find the product best positioned to promote my business. That product is promotional pens. With promotional pens or promo pens, you get a chance to expand your brand whilst not incurring too many costs. Promotional pens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Although most are the shape and size of a normal pen, like a BIC pen or a Parker Pen. Others are different shapes. The Crystal Pen from BIC is hexagonal in shape which means it won’t roll off the table when you are writing. This is a very handy thing to have as my promotional pens are always rolling off the table. It is really annoying.

BIC To Stop Selling Promotional Pens in Australia

The company BIC has been synonymous with pens in Australia for a long time. Everybody knows the name BIC and has had one of their pens. I would save that every single Australian has used a BIC pen at one point in their life. They are just all over the place is what I want to say. If you step into any government office, school and any other kind of institution you will find a heap of their pens floating around. They have been a mainstay of the pen industry in this country for a very long time and chances are they will continue to be so. Their retail presence in Australia is still strong. Unfortunately that does not extend to their promotional pens business.

It has sadly been announces that BIC with close their promotional products business in Australia. this include both their pens business, stationery and technology products. In the recent past they had expanded their business to include more than just pens. Their range included everything from compendium, flash drives, power banks and all sorts of promotional stationery products. They truly had a great range of products which we enjoyed selling. The world of promotional pens will never be the same without BIC pens to sell. The range was great, they had a good printing service, it is really a mystery why they would wind up their promotional pens business in Australia.

Although it is sometimes hard to understand why some business close or pull out of Australia one should consider a few factors. Firstly our market is relatively small compared to other countries. As well as being small we are also ultra-competitive. If you think about it there are heaps of companies servicing every segment of our market. This is especially true about promotional products. There are lots of pen suppliers that would have made it difficult for BIC to compete. Also they were competing in other segments like flash drive and power banks which would have been hard to compete against companies such as Yatama who are the leading supplier in such products in Australia.

So whilst we will more BIC’s departure from the promotional products and promotional pens industry, we do so knowing that someone else will take their place and the show will go on.

Parker Pens The Premium Promotional Pens

Some people think that the Parker Pens have something to do with the famous jazz musician Charles Parker, but it doesn’t. They may be both famous, and they may both be at the top of their field, but that is as far as the association goes. Did Charles Parker even use a Parker Pen, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised. In the world of pens, and promotional pens is no different, Parker Pens reign supreme. Not like a Supreme Pizza or the 1960’s band “The Supremes”, but more like a pen that really works well and is recognised the world over. Parker Pens are famous not just in the west, but in the east, the south and the north. They are famous the world over. If you even mentioned ‘premium pens’ to anyone to meet you know the name you would hear.

I remember when I was younger and I would meet some milestone, such as graduating from high school, or having a birthday, or anything of any importance, invariably there would be someone who would give me a Parker Pen. Even a few years back I got one as a christmas present from a co-worker. They are a great pen so why wouldn’t anybody want one. Indeed companies has cottoned on to this and give them away a promotional pens or corporate gifts. Why wouldn’t they. They have been giving corporate gifts for decades now and they know when they have one that really resonates with the public.

Corporate gifts have indeed been around for a long time now. Companies give them as they know that giving your customers is the right thing to do. One of the most popular corporate gifts is promotional pens. They are the most popular because they are the most practical. Sure we live in a digital age now, and I am sure that at some point people with forget to write. They will just ask Siri to do everything for them. Jot down points, take note etc. Seriously though I reckon people will be using pens for some time to come. I mean at some point you have to write something down. Without a pen most people would feel almost naked.

Promotional pens are the best way to express appreciate to your customers. Premium pens are the best way to express real appreciation. The Parker Pen is at the pinnacle or premium pens so it is no surprise that it is such an oft given gift. If you get one from anyone you can be sure that they really like you or have a lot of respect towards you.


Business Pens Are The Best Corporate Gifts

Every business is always looking at ways of promoting the business. They do it through all sorts of mean including none other than promotional products. Indeed business have been using promotional products and corporate gifts for many years to get their customer’s attention. They give them all sorts of things which are branded with their logos for them to take home and have as a keep sake to remember the user experience. It is not uncommon to have companies with all sorts of ecommerce programs that contain a variety of products with which to reward their customers.

One of the greatest promotional products of all time is the business pen. Business pens or promotional pen, as they are also know, have always been considered a great way to connect with the people that keep the whole engine running. Without the people you wouldn’t have a need for business pens. Some would also argue that without the business pen you wouldn’t have the people. So in a sense they are intertwined with one another and complement one another. The business pen the customer, and the other way around. Corporate pens are surely a great way to expand ones business.

Morgan Friedrich used to say to say “too love ones customer is to love oneself”. I have always found this to be true. But how does one show that love? You can say it all you like but actions speak louder than words. So if you want your feelings known you have to use actions, like the action of giving someone a corporate pen. You give it to them and immediately they know that you like them. They might even sense a smidgen of appreciation. I mean giving someone a present is indeed a great way to show such appreciation.

Business pens are at the forefront of the promotional gift giving movement. They always have been and they always will. As long as people have the need to write things down on a piece of paper they will have a need for a pen. Promotional pens fill this void, which is great. They will probably continue to fill this void until some point in the future when humans will not longer need to write things down. Maybe they will just be able to think something and it will get written down for them. With all the technological advances that have occurred since the dawn of time, it would be of no surprise if this were too eventuate.

As Doc Brown used said, “Where we are going we don’t need roads”!


Promotional Pen in Hand is Better Then Two in Pocket

A wise man once said, “a promotional pen in the hand is better than two in the pocket”. I have often thought about this saying and I must say that I completely agree. When you need a pen, when you really, really need a pen, it is always better to have it in your hand ready to go than in your bag, backpack, car or anywhere else on the planet that you can think. There are many reasons for this. There are many reason why it is better to have a promotional pen in you hand when you most need it. The main reason is that you don’t have to waste time looking round to find one. You simply have to look at your hand and there it is. So much easier than the alternative of rummaging around trying to find one.

Apart from the convenience of not having to look for it, having a promotional pen in the hand has other advantages. For one thing, if it is a promotional pen then it means you didn’t have to pay for it. It means that somebody else gave it to you, probably as a promotional gift. The great thing about getting a pen as a promotional product is that it is more useful than almost any other promotional product out there. Sure that could have given you a mug or a cap but can you sign you name with either? I don’t think so. So a cap can protect you from the sun and you can drink a fresh batch of coffee with your mug but can you write a novel with either. Again the answer is a resounding no! So as you can see getting a pen as a gift is truly a gift above all others.

There was a time when the only promotional gift you could count on was a chocolate or something small. These days companies are being more and more creative with their corporate gifts. One of the things that they are realising is that it take a lot more to impress the gift receiver. These days people almost expect to get something in return for their patronage. Sadly it is not enough to simply say “thanks you” or if you really appreciate your customers,  “I love you”. Although the later expression might be going a smidgen too far surely it is something your customers deserve to hear from time to time. If you are too shy then giving them a promotional pen with definitely send that very message.

I would say it is time to wrap up this little rant of mine. You might not understand why I am so in awe of the humble pen but consider history. Were it not for the pen how would they have signed the Declaration of Independence? If it were no for the pen how would have Shakespeare written all his books? If it were not for the pen (or pencil) how would have Picasso sketched all those drawing? They could not have done any of it and more. I am sure that anyone of these individuals would have welcomes a promotional pen or printed pen.

For Promo Pens Online Consider BIC Pens

The internet is a great think. Who ever thought growing up that such a thing would or even could exist. Growing up in the 80’s we really didn’t have much technology. I mean I remember when we changed from a black and white TV to a colour one. Our first computer, and I mean our because we only got one and had to share, was a 16K Tandy. My other friends were lucky and they got a Commodore 64 which was cutting edge at the time. The only idea of an internet was fantasy born out of watching movies such as War Games. Even in the 90s when the internet came out it was of no real use. It used to take ages just to download one web page. We just thought it was great because we didn’t know any better.

Then came the 2000’s and the internet took off and with it ecommerce. Now you could buy more and more things online. It wasn’t yet great but it was getting better. It was during these years that Amazon was born. Then eventually everything went online. Today you can get anything and if you are in the market for branded pens you can even get promo pens online. All you need to do is open your browser and type in the search “promo pens online” and up will pop a whole list of different supplier of promotional pens. You never have to visit a store or anything like that. All you need to do is send your logo, they will send back a mockup. You will need to approved then mockup and then 1-2 weeks later your promo pens will arrive ready for you to distribute to whoever and whenever you want.

One of the draw backs, if there is any, is that there is such a huge choice of promo pens online. So how to you cut through the noise and get to where you want to be when it comes to printed pens. The easiest and best thing to do it go straight to BIC pens, or at least start of there. If you are a novice in ordering promotional pens online then going straight to BIC pens is such an easy option. It is an easy option precisely because they give you so many options. BIC is great because they have hundreds of style to choose from and they cater to every budget. Whatever kind of pen you want you are sure to find all under the one roof. Best of all you can custom print them as you please.

That is not to say that BIC pens are the only option you have. Indeed there are thousands of pen options available especially if you find a good supplier such as Ezy Promo Pens (EPP). EPP are synonymous with promotional pens and take issues like quality and printing seriously. That said if you were to ask the people at EPP what they recommend in a promo pen, fifty percent of the time they will say going with a BIC pen is a great idea.


Promo Pens Can Be Premium Parker Pens

Some times when people think about promotional products they think what cheap and easy product can they add to their marketing campaign that won’t break the budget. After brain storming they inevitably come up with all the predictable products and often wise that will include a pen. It is almost common thought in some circles that the promotional pen needs to be a cheap and disposable product. That belief is a fallacy as the promotional pen should always be looked upon as an enduring corporate gift which will make its mark in any promotional campaign.

That promo pens need to be cheap is also wrong. The pen should reflect the campaign in which it is being incorporated. Business pens are a versatile product which are easily adaptable to the environment in which it is being trust. No marketing campaign should be considered “cheap” as they are all valuable methods of promoting a brand or the products and services which it represents. An inexpensive pen might be used when lots of pens are required. Then again if the campaign is limited and doesn’t require a lot of product then a premium pen might be more better suited.

One of the most recognised premium pens in the word is Parker Pens. Parker Pens have long been synonymous with quality and style. When you give someone a pen for their graduation you don’t give them an ordinary plastic pen, you give them a Parker Pen. The same can be said about any event when you want to impress the recipient. Imagine going to a corporate event and being given a Parker  Pen. Image how proud and special it would make you feel. Then image how you would feel about the company or organisation that gave you the pen. That feeling is why giving a valued customer or stakeholder a Parker Pen is a great idea. It is worth while in the extreme.

That said there are other recognised premium pens such as;

They too carry a lot of gravitas in the world of gift giving and corporate gift. The value of a campaign is directly linked to what value can be extracted. In other words you need to spend money to make money and giving a premium pen such as a Parker Pen is money well spent.

Mind Share And The Power of Promotional Pens

Mind share relates generally to the development of consumer awareness or popularity, and is one of the main objectives of advertising and promotion. When consumers think of a product type, they usually think of a limited number of brand names. Marketing departments that understand the power of mind share try to maximise the popularity of their product, so that the brand become the thing that people think about when they think about a particular object. Think about how people used to refer to vacuuming as hoovering because the Hoover brand of vacuuming cleaners was synonymous with said tack. The same as people who say they will plasterboard part of their house instead of drywall it.

To achieve such a level of mind share a company needs to have intensive marketing campaigns which embed the name of their product into the minds of not just the consumer but the general public as well. Such a result requires multi level marketing campaign. One of the most important marketing campaigns that a person can undertake is a promotional marketing campaign including an array of promotional products. One of the best promotional products for such a campaign is promotional pens. Indeed promotional pens are a very versatile product and are extensively used in marketing campaigns where people want to achieve an optimal level of mind sharing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of promotional pens one uses. All that needs to be acknowledged is that promotional pens are the best product for achieving this objective. Think about how often a pen gets shared around. The simple pen is amongst the most mobile products on Earth. The humble pen makes it way around the home, the office and often the world. And where ever the pens goes it makes an impact. Image what benefit it can have in cementing a brand in a persons mind if it is also branded. So where it is a plastic pen or a metal pen, promotional pens are the greatest mind sharing instrument that exists.

A World of Promotional Pens For Your Next Event

Corporate events are always an interesting thing to plan. Sure there is a lot of work to do and it can be highly stressful. There is all the suppliers that need to be arranged and then the venues and the guests as well. But when it is all said and done any well planned corporate event can be a marvel to behold. If your guests are happy then the corporate heads will be happy and the circle of life goes on. If you’re lucky you might even get a bit of press which is great from a PR prospective.

After holding a successful event how do you ensure that all that have attended will remember it down the track. I mean an event is held not just for the sake of holding a corporate event. You hold the event so that the people that came will remember it in the future and have that fuzzy feeling when they do. Whilst one way to make sure they remember is to hold a great event, one also needs to think of other ways to prompt that memory amongst your peers. One such way is the promotional pen. Yes promotional pens! While you might not know it, a pen is a great way to get people to remember your little shin dig way into the future.

Why would I say that giving away a simple item such as a custom printed pen would be a great gift to give away at an expensive event. Well it just is. Pens and writing instruments in general are still one of the most popular corporate gifts there is. There is a very good reason why this is the case. Pens, you see, last for a very long time. Have you ever seen that advert with the bic pens when is shows it writing for miles and miles? Well that i the reason why. While any other corporate gift might be thrown in the back seat and left to sit there, a pen is a whole other thing. It is not just the bic pens that last long into the future. It is all other types of pens. Generally a pens will stick around for years before it runs out of ink.

It is not just cheap pens which are attractive for promotional campaigns and corporate events. You also have high end pens like Parker Pens. The best thing about Parker Pens is that they don’t get thrown away. With Parker Pens they are easily refilled. You can even send the recipient a refill in the future you remind them of you and show how much you care.

So as you can see there are a world of promotional pens out there for any corporate event. The only question is which one you will choose.