How Effective are Printed Promotional Pens As Promotional Items?

Today, the entire business world is veering towards digital marketing and prefer targeting customers via various online channels. While this is an important aspect of any marketing strategy, it’s also very important to maintain the right balance of online and traditional marketing methods like distributing promotional items. We at Ezy Promo Pens have seen that many companies have recognised the importance of these marketing methods and use printed promo pens as part of their marketing campaigns.

The effectiveness of promotional pens

Promotional merchandise like pens, are popular with business owners and are an effective way to get your brand message out there. There are a number of benefits to opting for them such as:

  • Logistics – Whenever you implement any marketing strategy, it’s important to keep a number of aspects in view. Printed promo pens are easy to transport and very easy to distribute to larger crowds. You can pack thousands of pens in a carton which makes it very easy to transport them to the conference, fair or promotional venue.
  • Cost-flexibility- These pens are highly affordable and you can find something in different price ranges. For example, if you want to hand out something to a larger audience, you can opt for plastic pens that have a lower per-unit price. If you need to distribute pens to important clients at conference or business events, you can opt for something from our premium range.
  • Return on Investment – We have a wide range of very good quality pens and also use highly advanced printing techniques, so our clients have the best products. This provides you a very high ROI.

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