Premium Pens for Premium Promotions

There is always a need to re-evaluate ones marketing budget. In this cut throat world of business, keeping costs down is any companies essential tool from survival. But does that mean that you have to always go for the cheapest option when running a marketing or promotional campaign. Certainly not. They most important thing to consider when running a successful marketing campaign is:

  • How to maximise effectiveness
  • Tailor campaign to customers demographic etc
  • Cost effective expenditure
  • Chance of success of marketing tools

To achieve the above one needs to take a more scientific approach when determining which product to choose for a marketing or promotional campaign.

When running a premium campaign aimed at premium customers, such as high spending or high net worth individuals, it important to utilise promotional items that are more likely to impress the recipient. If you are promoting a luxury car for example you are unlikely to give a cheap pen or corporate gift. You would be likely to give a premium gift which reflects upon the product you are trying to promote. To this end it is important to really consider the best match promotional gift for your intended audience.

Premium pens are a great way to promote a premium product. Premium pens are always a well received gift and are just the promotional pen for any upscale promotion. There are a number of pen options available. From your über expensive Waterman Pens. Waterman pens are a classic pen which are known for there luxurious qualities. Not everyone can afford a Waterman pen so when you give one to a valued customer they will know they are special.

If you are looking for something more affordable and word renown then you might want to consider a Parker Pens. Parker pens have been a staple of premium gifts for decade. If you want to give someone a special gift or to commemorate a special moment that you will find yourself in good company with the Parker Pen. As well as being a beautiful pen, they can come in a gift box and elegantly engrave with a special message or your logo.

If you are looking for something inexpensive but still with reputation then you could even consider a BIC Pen. BIC pens were a marvel when they came out in the mid 1950’s. Having been invested in France they have always had an air of superiority. Bic Pens are well recognise the world over for being good quality, practical writing instrument which will stand the test of time.

Whatever your promotion, if you are looking a running a premium marketing campaign then you can look past Premium Promotional Pens.

Why buy BIC pens for your promotion?

One of the most popular form of promotional products is still the humble pen. Even though we have entered the digital age people still need a pen to perform their daily tasks both at home and at work. Company give away promotional pens because they know that they will stay in use for a long time and give their brand some very good exposure.

When choosing a pen it is important to find one that will last which is why we always recommend a BIC pen for your promotion. While some promotional pens are more affordable than BIC pens they might not be manufactured to the same standard. So why would you purchase BIC pens? Here are some reasons you might want to consider:


  • Reliable Quality


– BIC pens are reliable and of good quality. You can trust every BIC pen you purchase to perform as you expect it too. Some BIC pens are known to write more than 1.2 miles without problems. Indeed BIC carried out 7,250km of tests on their pens annually.


  • Variety


– There is a great variety of pens available, The pens are available in different forms, colours, and styles. You can purchase pens with rubber grips, plastic bodies, metal bodies, with colourful print, etc. The is also a range stylus pens if you want to give something unique and interesting to your customers.


  • Budget


– Despite their quality they are still amongst the most affordable pens on the mark. They produce over 31 million pens daily which gives them economies of scale. The price of some of these pens is as low as $0.73 so you’ll definitely find something that fits into your budget.


  • Reputation


– BIC is a well-known company that provides good products. Since their inception in the 1950’s the brand has been synonymous with quality ballpoint pens. If you give someone a promotional BIC pen it will reflect positively on your own brand and will have a lasting impact on your customers.


  • Customisable


– The pens are customisable with your company logo so they are a great promotional products to bring with you to trade fairs and other events. The best possible printing technologies are used to ensure your branding is clear and visible. BIC prints all of its pens in-house to ensure a consistent quality.

So if you are looking at adding a pen to your next promotional campaign then look no further.

Misconceptions Regarding Promotional Pens Online

Business owners are very careful about how much money they spend on marketing and where they spend it. They want to know about the impact on the marketing strategy on their sales and see if they can get good ROI. At Ezy Promo Pens, we’ve noticed that customers hesitate to spend money on promotional pens online and other related marketing strategies. This is largely due to some misconceptions surrounding this strategy such as:

  1. No one wants or appreciates pens in this modern age of computers-This is a very common and inaccurate assumption. People still use pens in their day-to-day lives. Everyone appreciates a pen that looks stylish and works well so they won’t throw the ones you provide away. However, it’s important to invest in good quality pens instead of providing something that doesn’t write well. That can have a negative impact on the company’s reputation.
  2. This strategy isn’t as effective as modern marketing techniques -Marketing strategies should be diverse and approach customers from multiple directions. Modern digital marketing strategies approach the customers on the Internet and don’t have as much of an impact in real life visibility. By buying promotional pens online, you include another way to approach the customers. Promotional pens are useful and can bring visibility to the brand.
  3. It can be expensive-This is one of the most inexpensive ways to gain visibility as most promotional pens online are affordable. Business owners can choose between plastic, metal, and wood, luxury, etc. pens and control the cost.

If you want to know more about our promotional pens online here at Ezy Promo Pens, just get in touch with us today. Our number is 1300 753 675 and our email is You can also contact us through this form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.