How to Choose the Right Print for Printed Promo Pens

One of the most challenging aspects of buying printed promo pens is to determine what kind of design you want to use on them. At Ezy Promo Pens, we’ve seen several people struggle with the design and choose something that doesn’t impress their target audience. Here are some tips on how to choose the right print for printed promo pens:

  1. Choose something that represents your brand well-Promotional pens need to represent the brand in a clear and precise manner. When the target audience looks at the print, they should get a feel of the brand. That’s not possible if the print doesn’t connect with the brand. The easiest solution is to use the company name instead of a logo.
  2. Make sure the design isn’t too intricate –If you want to get people accustomed to the logo, make sure it’s design isn’t intricate and complicated. That only leads to confusion and can lessen the impact of the marketing strategy. Keep the print bold, simple, and clean so the target audience can see it clearly and become familiar with the branding.
  3. Choose the right size –The size of the print should be relative to the size of the pen. Make sure the print isn’t too small as that will reduce its impact. Large and bold fonts are ideal for printed promo pens as they ensure all better visibility and can draw audience attention easily. It’s also important to position the logo well.

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Pens Are The Gift That Keeps Giving

Since the advent of the pen in 1864, and even before, it has been thought of as a great gift giving item. It the early days people would gift a gold gold-gilded pen, often with diamonds or other precious jewels to people in high places. Usually the recipient were royalty or people in high places. The Royal House of Tadić was known to present diamond encrusted pens to other Europes royal houses to curry favours and get themselves in with the powers that be. So it is no surprise that pens are still considered a perfect promotional gift.

Promotional pens have come a long way since the early day. Rarely do people give away pens embedded with expensive stones. There may give away premium pens such as a Parker Pen but more often then not one would expect to get a plastic pen or a nice metal pen if they are lucky. They can also expect a nice logo in the place of a massive diamond worth thousands of Shillings or Kunas. I dare say that recipients are much more appreciative these days when they receive a promotional pen then they would have been in the olden days. As Brad Pit once said, “a nice pen is probably one of the best gifts a person could expect to receive. Period!”

The next time you see a diamond enhance writing instrument or any other such extravagent gift just remember the same result could have been achieved by giving a simple promotional pen. Maybe with a nice logo print and even a simple pen packaging to complement it. At the end of the day it is the thought that counts and nothing says “I love you” more then a well thought over and inexpensive corporate gift.