BIC Pens Still Tops Promo

As one of our most versatile promotional products, the popular BIC pens have always been a top choice for any hard-working company in need of promotional leg-ups, and they have been always one of our most sought products on the market. The Custom Bic Pens is the way to go, when your company seeks high-quality pens for any office work, printed with your company’s logo.

The BIC pens are customizable and we offer the unique option to print your company’s logo, as the ultimate promotional pens. We have only the best and up-to-date printing technology at our disposal to ensure high-quality branding which lasts a lifetime. If you are in need of some exceptional quality pens, look no further than the Ezy Promo Pens BIC pens. Our vast collection and options make sure that every customer finds what they are looking for.

With an interesting and very rich history, we will look into the great pen giant and see why they are still the leaders among the most popular pens today.

The BIC pens company started out small in the 40s, as founders Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard decided to begin in fountain pens manufacturing in France. They got their name “BIC” in the 50s, with its very popular Crystal ballpoint pen gaining high attention on the market.

The company caught a big wave, as the brand went on to become a force to be reckoned with on the market. BIC’s massive growth in production and financial success with the Crystal garnered them world-wide attention and they began mass production throughout the globe. Most importantly it became a household name, as a synonym for pens.

BIC Pens’ debut on the US market had its flamboyant entry with the acquirement of the Waterman Pen organization in 1958, and by 1969, BIC pens expanded the empire in many European countries, and the rest of the World with its trademark quality products, thus creating a global standard in pen manufacturing. Additionally, the high popularity meant more business opportunities and expertise in creating products other than pens like shaving equipment, white-out, and the almighty BIC lighter, which will go on to become a world-wide standard as big as the BIC Crystal ballpoint pen.

It’s important to mention BIC’s high regard of the importance of environmental consciousness and ingenuity. From day one, the company has followed strict rules and values in raising environmental awareness and social responsibility with its products and method of manufacture.

To this day, BIC factories daily produce and ship over 31 million pens throughout the World. The brand’s high gain of reputation owes to the fact that BIC keeps promoting environmental consciousness with eco-friendly manufacture methods and recycling. This is what made them a true standard in the pen industry.

BIC specializes in ball-point pen manufacture, but they are also famous for many other high-quality products and apparel. They are budget-friendly, durable, and can last long. An ideal promotional product which surpasses any other promotional pens, the BIC is a must have for your company’s offices. At Ezy Promo Pens, we highly encourage our customers to check out and browse all of our BIC pens we have to offer. We are sure you’ll find the perfect pens suited for your needs and some promotional pens are more affordable than BIC pens, so please feel free to browse at your leisure.

Tips to Buy Promotional Pens Online

Today, it’s very easy to buy promotional pens online. The process is quick- you choose the pens and design you want printed and mention any special requests you have. The experts at Ezy Promo Pens have provided some information on how to buy promotional pens online:

  1. Set your budget – This is the very first step. Determine what quantity and types of pens you need before you visit any website. Check what the cost of each unit is including taxes and shipping to see what the total cost would be. Check whether this fits into your budget and then move to the next step.
  2. Type of pen- We have different types of pens, such as ones made of wood, metal, plastic, and luxury pens. Check the design and cost of the different pens available online and determine which ones you need. The model you choose should offer good base for your company name/logo. If the design seems like it will clash with the logo, or your corporate colours, pick a different design.
  3. Company name style and logo printing- Chose what colour printing you want for your company name or logo. Ensure it’s positioned well and don’t add too much information as that will only clutter the pen’s design. Make sure the print colour doesn’t blend in completely with the design and colour of the pen as you want your logo to be clearly visible.

If you want to know more about the promotional pens online at Ezy Promo Pens, just get in touch with us today. We provide customised services and you will find our products to be of very affordable and of high quality. You can call us at 1300 753 675 and our email is You can also contact us through this form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Types of Printed Promo Pens to Choose From

As a small business you are constantly aware that you need to maintain visibility in the market. Its why you hire marketing professionals to handle your digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns. In addition to these, the other way to create a great impression on customers is to distribute printed promo pens to clients, customers as well as employees. You can gain attention from prospective customers and spread brand awareness too.

We at Ezy Promo Pens, offer a wide range of promo pens and many of our clients choose multiple products to distribute at company events, trade fairs and conferences etc. The different types of printed promo pens you can choose from include:

  • Plastic pens- These are an affordable option for customers that want to buy the products in large quantities for general distribution. They write smoothly, perform well and can be customised to your needs.
  • Metal pens- The cost of these pens is slightly higher than plastic pens as they have a better design and build. Apart from writing very well, they also feel heavy and luxurious. They are ideal for more important groups such as clients and business associates.
  • Luxury pens-You can choose from luxury pens of established brands such as Parker, BIC, and Waterman. These pens are special and impressive which makes them an excellent choice for important business associates & special clients. They provide a much better long-term ROI because no one really throws away good quality branded pens.

For more information on printed promo pens here at Ezy Promo Pens, just get in touch with us today. Our number is 1300 753 675 and our email is You can also contact us through this form and ask for a quote and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

How to Buy Promotional Pens Online

Today, most people look for promotional products online because it’s far more convenient to look at different products quickly, compare pricing and find something that suits your requirements and budget on our site. It’s also very easy to purchase promotional pens online and here are some tips from Ezy Promo Pens that will help:

  • Set your budget – This is the very first step to shopping for promotional pens online. Look at what the cost of each pen is and then calculate the total cost of the number of pens you need. Don’t forget to include shipping charges & taxes and the printing if you want that done as well. This will give you a clearer idea about whether the pens fit into your budget.
  • Type of pens- You will find that our store has a wide variety of pens that you can choose from. If you want something for large-scale distribution, you should opt for plastic pens. If you are looking for something that you can give important clients and your employees you can check our luxury pens and metal pen range. When you are choosing a pen, make sure there is plenty of surface area where you can print your company name and logo or any other text you need.
  • Company name styling- This is the final step of the process of purchasing promotional pens online. You need to determine the colour of the printing and the design as well as your company name. Opt for a clear & simple design and colours that will stand out from the colours of the pen.

For more information about our promotional pens online at Ezy Promo Pens, just get in touch with us today. Our number is 1300 753 675 and our email is You can also contact us through this form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Printed Promo Pens- Varieties to Choose From

As a business owner you look for ways and means of attracting customer attention and expanding your brand reach. And one of the simplest ways to do this is opt for the right types of promotional products for your marketing campaign. Printed promo pens are an excellent way to spread the word about your brand and attract the attention of prospective customers.

Types of pens

We at Ezy Promo Pens can provide very high-quality printed promo pens for your campaigns. It’s vital to choose the right pens because the wrong ones can have a very negative impact on your marketing efforts and will be a waste of your investment. Take a look at the different types of pens you can procure from us:

  • Plastic pens – They are an affordable option that perform well and write very smoothly. They are a good choice for large scale distribution at trade fairs and other similar events, but not something you would like to give very important clients.
  • Metal pens- The cost of these pens is slightly higher than plastic pens, but they are structured much better and are sturdier. They feel luxurious and look elegant as well. This makes them the ideal printed promo pens for important clients, employees etc.
  • Luxury pens- We carry pens of well-known brands such as Waterman, Parker and BIC. Not only do these pens function very well, but they look great too. They are special pens that you can give to special clients at important events.

If you want to know more about our printed promo pens here at Ezy Promo Pens, just get in touch with us today. Our number is 1300 753 675 and our email is You can also contact us through this form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

The Difference Between a Parker Pen and Bic Pen Campaign

We all know that promotional pens are a great option when assembling promotional products for a marketing campaign. Two of the most popular branded promotional pens are Parker Pens and Bic Pens. Both have very long histories in the pens market and both were pioneers from the early day. But the Parker Pen and Bic Pen are very different pens when dealing with a marketing campaign. Whilst they are both great pens as a promotional gift, the type of campaign you are trying to run will ultimately determine which pen you chose.

Parker Pens have been around for a very long time and have always been viewed as a premium pen. They are the type of pen you give you kid when they graduate from university or to a special friend as a gift. They have also always been a mainstay of the corporate gift industry. Parker Pens come available for different budgets. You can find a Parker Pen from anywhere from $20.00 to a couple of hundred dollars. They are also available in exquisite packaging to enhance the gift giving experience.

Bic pens on the other hand are a more mass market pen. While they are cheaper then Parker Pens, Bic pens are still considered a premium pen. They have a long history in both the consumer pen market and the promotional pen market. Bic pens have been a mainstay of the promotional pen market for many years now. They also have a variety of pens that come with different price points but they are nowhere near the mark you find with Parker Pens.

Considering the price difference it is safe to assume that they would be used for different types of promotional campaigns.